The Impact of Cataracts on Vision and What Can be done

The Impact of Cataracts on Vision and What Can be done

Though cataract can affect person of any age they are more commonly found in older adults. The change in visions is caused in human over time as natural protein build up over the lens continues. The process of this buildup is very slow and takes years and thus most people do not even understand the change that is undergoing. It becomes noticeable when there is visual impairment.

Symptoms for cataract

Few symptoms that suggest that your eyes may have developed cataracts are

  • You have cloudy or blur vision.
  • The color becomes less vibrant
  • Night vision becomes poor
  • Eyes becomes sensitive to light
  • Double visions is also common

Although these symptoms may not be acute when you are young but as you grow you will find that they become severe. As your vision becomes weak you can try these coping strategies before you get your cataract operated. Plan for 2020 go to and enroll in a supplement plan.

Coping strategies for cataract

Even if there is cataract build up in your eyes but most of the time it is found that the Surgeon takes time to operate. They want to operate at the right time. Still, if you are facing any problem till then you can try out the following.

  • Improve the lighting of your home that will make it easier to see things.
  • Try to read larger print fonts as it will be easier to read then.
  • Use contrasting colors as they will not only help in distinguishing between objects but also show you the edge of the steps.
  • At night there are more street lights and headlights and thus the glare is more. It is best to avoid driving at night. Moreover, as at night it is dark it may be difficult watching anything on the roads that are dimly lit.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2020In order to ensure that you get your cataract operated at the right time you need to schedule eye exams regularly. The optometrist will find out your problems and suggest you how can you cope with them successfully. And when they find it the right time they can remove the cataract.  During the cataract surgery the clouded lens of your eye will be replaced with a clear one. This will improve your visions and you will not face those problems that you had been facing all those days. After the surgery if there are any further issues then glasses will be given to give you a clear vision. Till then you must be very careful about the cataract.